1. Tell me as an Assistant Principal, what do you believe is your best asset?

A product of this community, went through this system know the people of this community and they know me a good line of communication already established.

2. Explain me what three words would your students use to describe you?

My students would describe me as knowledgable, helpful, and patient. I enjoy a positive relationship with all of my students, even those that have challenging behaviors.

3. Explain what are your weaknesses as Assistant Principal?

Weakness is a human trait. No one is perfect and can never be. Still, there is always a room for improvement when you are able to recognize the areas where you lag behind. Openly discuss about what you consider as your weaknesses and do not forget to elaborate on the measures you are taking to eliminate your weakness.

4. Explain me what would be your top priorities in this position?

The school want to know that you have an action plan in place. Understand the needs, demands, culture and values of this particular school or district. Show you are willing to confront and remediate inadequacies in the school, to modify school structures where necessary and to identify and capitalize on current strengths.

5. Explain me what makes you think you are an ideal candidate for this job?

Answer this question by expressing not just your interest, but your qualifications for this position. Emphasize on the job duties in your previous jobs and the knowledge you have gathered throughout the course of your career. Be confident and ready to answer further questions that might arise when the employer discusses the job requirements.

6. Tell us do you consider yourself a leader?

I think that right now I have many great attributes to be a great assistant principal and currently would not change anything. However, after given the opportunity to work as an assistant principal, I would definitely reevaluate myself to see what are some key things that I could improve on.

7. Tell me outline the role that parents should play in the school?

Discuss your vision of positive parental contribution and how you have facilitated and promoted this through the implementation of school initiatives.

8. Tell me what improvements in the classroom have you made with teachers in the past?

I've shared behavior strategies, classroom formation of desk, different stations that can be used for more than one task, bell ringers, and classroom motivation techniques.

9. Explain me how do you get a peer or colleague to accept one of your ideas?

Explain to the colleague or peer the concept behind the idea and how it could possibly be linked to the best interest of the student or staff. Make them aware that all components were carefully considered before giving your idea.

10. Tell me do You Multitask Well?

You will have many duties as an assistant principal, so being able to perform many tasks all at once is imperative. In some cases, your interviewer will provide you with a hypothetical scenario in which the principal is out of the office and you are in the cafeteria supervising lunch break. During this time, you receive not only a report about a fight in a classroom, but you are also notified of an angry parent in your office demanding a meeting. Here, your interviewer is asking you to prioritize these tasks efficiently. Your answer should be short but precise. “I would ask another teacher to supervise the cafeteria long enough to bring the fighting students into my office and schedule a meeting with the parent.”

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