1. In what ways do you use math in your daily life?

Since I am at college to study mathematics I would say that my daily life revolves around mathematics.

2. What types of math do you use? Re: Calculus, Algebra, Fractions?

Every type. I am in calculus right now and it uses every time of mathematics that I have leaned previously.

16. Continuing up the number sequence of natural numbers, prime numbers become which of the following:

1. non-existent at a certain point
2. all even after a certain point
3. less and less frequent
4. more frequent

Answer: C

24. In a simple random sample:

1. response bias will be small
2. non-response bias will be small
3. any two samples of the same size will have the same cha nce of being drawn
4. each subject is asked every question and random responses are allowed

Answer: C

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