Montessori Coordinator Interview Questions Part Five:

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► Do you like kids?
► Do you like adults?
► Do you have a cell phone? If you get this job, you will not use it my classrooms. How do you feel about that?
► Can you cut an apple in half?
► Can you operate a laminator, copy machine, and a pair of scissors?
► Are you willing to learn how to operate these machines?
► Do you take criticism?
► Do you take criticism well?
► Can you follow directions?
► Can you follow written directions?
► Can you follow non-verbal directions?
► Are you willing to attend workshops, take notes, and learn new procedures?
► Are you flexible in that you can take lead of the class in case our teacher steps out?
► Can you answer the telephone in a professional manner?
► Can you call a parent and ask why a child is sick?
► Can you take a message, write it down, and will it be understandable?
► Can you conjugate the verb 'be'?
► Do you understand there is no eating during teaching, and are you willing to follow this rule?
► Do you understand our hours are 8:00 to 3:00 and you are to be here for the entire day?
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