Montessori Coordinator Interview Questions Part Four:

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► Why do you want to teach?
► Describe a time when a student challenged your authority in the classroom. What did the student do, and how did you respond?
► How would you describe your style of teaching?
► What was your greatest challenge in student teaching? How did you resolve it?
► What techniques do you use to keep students actively involved and motivated during a lesson?
► Imagine that some of your students have finished their assignments early. How would you deal with the free time they have?
► How have you worked with students who perform below grade level?
► Describe what experience you have in modifying lesson plans for students with special needs?
► Imagine that a student is consistently late to your class. How would you handle the situation?
► Describe how you like to implement technology in your lessons.
► What would you do if a student refused to do the work you assigned?
► What is your preferred method of communicating with parents?
► For what reasons or issues would you reach out to communicate with parents?
► Describe the process you would use in responding to a student who was disrupting the class.
► Explain a difficult situation you have encountered in the classroom, what you learned from it, and what you would do differently now.
► What about teaching in our district appeals to you?
► What courses have you taken that have been especially helpful in preparing you to teach?
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