Sample Principal Interview Questions:

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► Name five words that best describe you as an administrator.
► Give three reasons why you should be selected as the principal of our school.
► What are your immediate or short-term goals for our school? What are your five-year goals?
► Who do you involve in decision making issues?
► How do you evaluate student work and how do you know whether that work meets standard?
► How do you evaluate teachers and other staff? What are your criteria?
► Explain your view of work ethics.
► How do you monitor staff as their compliance with the Georgia Teacher Code of Ethics?
► What role would the business community serve in a school under your supervision?
► Describe your involvement in community and civic activities.
► Describe the best teacher you know. Describe the best parent you know. Describe the best student you know.
► How do you measure the success of a school?
► What are the steps you follow in dealing with a child that is not demonstrating success? Who do you involve and when?
► Describe your most successful experience as a principal.
► Describe you worst experience as a principal.
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