1. What is the mean of co-operative skills?

Whenever I explain about co-operative skills to people often I used the example of a car. You go to the showroom, you are shown all these amazing vehicles, you choose the one you like the look of and, importantly, one that will meet your needs - whether that be off-road, commercial vehicle or zippy runner for about town. It's only when you drive it away from the forecourt that you realize you've never driven a car before and never had any proper lessons.

2. Define self-confidence?

An attitude, which allows individuals to have positive yet realistic views of themselves and their situations. A candidate who trusts her own abilities, has a general sense of control in her life, and believes that, within reason, she will be able to do what she wishes, plans, and expects.

3. Describe about a time when you had to help a co-worker who had made a bad mistake. What did you do?

Should have tried to help the person, appear to go out of their way to help others, appear to care about what is best for the company, does not seem to exploit colleagues for his/her own benefit.

4. Describe an example in which you gave some on-the-job training to your subordinates. Please be as specific as possible?

You should heart that they have provided on-the-job training for others; whether they have or haven't the job seeker should appear to be helpful and committed to creating a strong well skilled team.

5. Tell me how confident are you?

Applicant should answer the question instantly and forcefully while maintaining full eye contact. Also pay close attention to body language: Is the applicant's body language congruent with his answer.

6. What are the main factors which normally boost the morale of your fellow workers?

Candidate should know that workers need to feel valued for the contributions they make; clear goals that co-workers can work towards, co-workers should be given opportunities to grow, learn, and achieve within the workplace.

7. Tell me about a time when you helped a co-worker to enhance their social skills?

Job seeker should seem to naturally help others in enhancing their skills.

8. Is it important for your colleagues to constantly update their skills?

Yes. Candidate should appear to take care of the people around him/her in the company, so that they can be more successful; motivates and inspires other to do better and achieve more; enhances education and skills.

9. Describe a time when you acted as a mediator to help colleagues resolve their differences?

Does the candidate show that they can handle conflict and/or that they have the ability to mediate situations? Can they come up with a solution that will be in the best interest of all the people involved?

10. Describe an example of a time when you assisted a co-worker to enhance their work skills?

Should discuss helping co-workers with their work for the benefit of the company and the company's customers.

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