1. What About "Negative" Personas?

Whereas a buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer, a negative -- or "exclusionary" -- persona is a representation of who you don't want as a customer.

For example, this could include professionals who are too advanced for your product or service, students who are only engaging with your content for research/knowledge, or potential customers who are just too expensive to acquire (because of a low average sale price, their propensity to churn, or their unlikeliness to purchase again from your company).

2. What are extends and includes within a use case?

An include is where a specific action has to take place. An extend is an action that may not necessarily take place.

3. What does PEST stand for?

It means Political, Economic, Social, and Technological. It is used to analyze business environment, in which it has to be operated.

4. Would it be a problem for you to relocate?

I'm open to opportunities within the company; if those opportunities involve relocation, I would certainly consider it.

5. What level of compensation would it take to make you happy?

I am not depending on money to make me happy. What makes me happy is having a satisfying job that provides challenge and new situations daily.

6. What are some of the common tools that a business Analyst uses?

The common tools that can be used by a business analyst are MS Visio, MS word, MS Excel, Power point, Quality center/test director MS Project. There may be tools that are client specific also, but these will be supplied the client.

7. Explain what is a 100-point method?

This method is used to assign priority to different steps in a process. Each group member is supposed to assign points to different steps. In the end all the points for each step are calculated. The step having the highest points has the highest priority.

8. Do you have a geographic preference?

Although I would prefer to stay in the Mid-Atlantic area, I would not rule out other possibilities.

9. Describe a time when you received criticism?

Like the mistake question, this illustrates a candidate's ability to learn. While being open to feedback is never easy, the best candidates will take it in, analyze it, and potentially make changes based upon the criticism. Of course, good candidates never take criticism personally. A good answer will show emotional maturity, adaptability, and leadership potential.

10. Tell me the importance of a flow chart?

The flow chart gives a clear graphical representation of an implemented process. This makes the system simple to understand for all persons involved in the project.

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