1. Describe biggest opportunities and the biggest challenges that financial professionals face in today's market?

Interviewer except to knows you understand the current economic times, the financial sectors issues relating to reputation issues, regulatory changes, cost reduction, industry innovations, and credit availability. If you want to increase your likelihood of getting the position, give this question the attention it deserves.

2. How you persuade others to see your point of view?

In the finance industry financial professionals often have to persuade influential people to count on their expertise, follow their advice, and use their services.
Your interviewer will want to make sure you are able to determine the best approach to achieve what you want by influencing clients.

3. Tell me what you can do to add value to our organization?

Your answer to this question needs to highlight your knowledge of the company, that you understand the company's goals, achievements, and the challenges it faces.

4. Which high stress situation you found in yourself and how did you handle it?

The finance industry is always under pressure and the interviewer is looking to see if you are able to perform under pressure, that you can stay calm, and defuse a stressful situation.

5. Give me a good example of a recent win-win situation you successfully negotiated?

Think carefully before you answer, because the object of this question is to explore whether you are capable of communication information and whether you have the ability to communicate in a way that will gain the acceptance and agreement you are seeking.

6. Describe how you approach teamwork and what your plan would be to adapt so you could effectively work with the team?

Finance interviewers are looking for team players who can build strong relationships and play an integral role in the team's success.
In the financial industry it's imperative that you can successfully work in a team environment, and that you are highly adaptable.

7. What is your major achievement in your career?

Choose one of your most notable achievements and why you felt it was important.
Keep it relevant to the finance position you are applying for. Discuss the challenges you faced and tell the interviewer how your achievement can help you succeed in your new position.

8. Tell me what do you feel motivates you?

When an interview question about your motivation is asked it' designed to determine whether you have the right motivation to be a good fit for the company and the position offered.
Make sure you make you describe your motivation in manner that's relevant to the job.

9. Say you are driving on a one-mile track. You do one lap at 30 miles an hour. How fast do you have to go to average 60 miles an hour?

This is something of a trick question, and was recently received by a Goldman candidate. The first thought of many people is to say 90 miles an hour, but consider: If you have done a lap at 30 miles an hour, you have already taken two minutes. Two minutes is the total amount of time you would have to take in order to average 60 miles an hour. Therefore, you can not average 60 miles an hour over the two laps.