1. Everyone has prejudices, what are some of yours?

There are two groups of people in my workplace. Those that do, and those that sit and watch. I'm part of the first group. I suppose I'm prejudiced against the other group.

2. How do you deal with stressful situations?

I will remain calm and put all the problems behind me so as not to make mistakes.

3. What kind of preparation did you do for this interview?

I have read about the company through web services and I have also visited the agency to speak with a few individuals about the atmosphere.

4. Tell me what do you have to offer that your competition in this position cannot?

I would want to be successful at my job and feel confident in my abilities to work with offenders. I want keep learning new skills which will make me better. I want to make a difference in offenders lives and help society as a whole by doing so.

5. Which is more important to you, money or satisfaction?

I feel like satisfaction is most important. If you are not satisfied with a situation the the money is not going to matter you will always.

6. Tell us have you ever been convicted of a crime?

No. I have never been convicted of any crime.

7. Why do you want to be a Parole Officer?

I have always been attracted to the criminal justice system, but particularly the side of it that can take an active role in trying to help offenders avoid a life in corrections.

8. What skills do you have that will benefit our agency?

I am an empathetic person who is easy to get along with yet stern. I am confident and consistent. I am an activator and have great attention to detail. I have been trained in motivation interviewing, case management and assessments. I believe that I have great communication skills and the ability to adapt to difficult situations with ease.

9. Have you completed any volunteer work in a juvenile facility?

I have not completed any work in the facility. I have volunteered to work with homeless shelters and attempt to pick up teens off the streets that are homelss. Thus allowing them to leave the streets and seek shelter.

10. What was your most difficult decision in the last six months?

The most important decision was to turn in an employee in to my employer for stealing time.

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