1. Explain me what would you do if you had a subordinate doing their job inefficiently?

Leadership comes with responsibility so an effective way to approach this question would be “ everyone that works with me is an extension of my effectiveness as a manager and as such, I will have a heart-to-heart with the employee in question however, if nothing changes and it starts to affect the company bottom line, well, that's my responsibility as well”

2. Tell us how did you communicate bad news to your staff?

The key is to be forthright and honest about the bad news and then to focus on how your team will move forward to succeed. People appreciate honesty and optimism.

3. Explain what type of supervisory training have you completed in the last two years?

You could discuss training from a mentor/current supervisor. You could discuss management classes you've taken. You could discuss management books you've read.

4. Basic Ecommerce Manager Job Interview Questions:

☛ Talk about one of your most effective campaigns. What made them so effective?
☛ How do you know when a campaign has failed? What metrics do you use?
☛ What does the conversion funnel look like at your company?
☛ How many people are on your current marketing team? What are their roles?
☛ How would you describe your current brand's tone of voice and visual identity?
☛ How do your customers inform your approach to brand-building?
☛ How do you get product feedback from your customers?
☛ What tools do you use to stay organized?
☛ Talk about your experience with editorial calendars.
☛ What is the relationship between SEO and content marketing?
☛ What are some common SEO mistakes in digital content production?
☛ What are the most important and effective social media channels for your brand?
☛ What is your experience with marketing automation?
☛ What role does paid advertising play in your overall strategy?
☛ What is your experience with co-marketing campaigns?
☛ What is the importance of thought leadership at your current organization?
☛ Describe a time you worked with a team to create a campaign on a tight budget.
☛ What is your approach to structuring a marketing budget?
☛ What is your approach to editing copy?
☛ Describe a time you gave constructive feedback to a colleague.
☛ Describe a time your team didn't agree with your direction. How did you handle it?
☛ How would you handle negative feedback about your brand?
☛ What's interesting about our current marketing? What could we do better?

5. Top Ecommerce Manager Job Interview Questions:

☛ 1. Talk me through your approach to generating strategies for addressing current and future ecommerce market scenarios and to position a business to capitalise on them.

☛ 2. How do you drive results and what are the processes and methodologies you use in your job to successfully deliver your agreed ecommerce KPIs?

☛ 3. How big is the e-commerce business you are currently responsible for? (Inquire about revenue and order volume because large revenues can sometimes mask operational inefficiencies.)

☛ 4. Talk me through how you put together your ecommerce budgets with their corresponding KPI's?

☛ 5. Tell me about a successful ecommerce project and how would you do it even better second time round (lessons learnt)?

☛ 6. In your opinion, what are the most important roles in an ecommerce team and any third party agencies engaged to delivery a project?

☛ 7. What are the current common risks for ecommerce and how do you mitigate them?

☛ 8. How big was the e-commerce business at the previous company upon arrival? Inquire about revenue and order volume because large revenue dollars can mask operational inefficiencies?

☛ 9. What are the latest systems you've used to manage and optimise your ecommerce projects?

☛ 10. How do you keep up-to-date with the latest ecommerce trends and new technologies?

6. Please explain what is the employee turnover rate in your area?

This is a test to see how quickly you change jobs. Stress that you're investing your energy, time and efforts into this company for the long run (if you truly are)

7. Tell us have you ever hired anyone? Why did you choose them as Ecommerce Manager?

When you are hiring someone, typically you look for strong characteristics like integrity, work ethic, diligence, potential and so forth. Most importantly highlight how you felt the hiring would impact the company for the better.

8. Tell us how would your co-workers describe you as Ecommerce Manager?

Questions such as this one are asked with the aim of getting you to discuss some of your qualities, perhaps hidden that you wouldn't have mentioned if you weren't asked.

“Well, my colleagues will tell you they can count on me. They will tell you that I am a team player and someone they enjoy working with.”

9. Tell us what is B2C (Business-to-Consumer)?

This is usually when average businesses transact with the customer. This is done through the shopping cart softwares and the amount involved in the transactions is usually low.

10. Explain me major benefits of E-commerce?

The major benefits of Ecommerce are:

☛ 1. Secure - More secure than a cheque.
☛ 2. Fast - The transactions take not more than a few seconds
☛ 3. Always on - The purchases can be made 24/7
☛ 4. Convenient - Ease of purchasing
☛ 5. Reduced cost price - Reduction of Marketing and Advertising Costs

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