1. Suppose we want to see how you would handle a difficult customer situation?

Keep a cool, calm and collected head in this situation. Listen to the information you are given carefully, and try not to feel hurried or under pressure. Interviewers are usually looking at what you can do with the information you are provided, and how you handle pressure. Ensure you keep an eye on timings and how long you have to go over things. You will sometimes not have all the information you need to make a decision, so make an informed decision with what you can. Take this exercise seriously, and get involved as much as possible.

2. Please explain what a "lot of work" looks like to you?

Ideally you'd like to state that you can take on a lot of work - this shows your work ethic, but at the same time it's okay to tell them that you value work and life balance.

3. Tell us what Is Testing Temperature?

Testing temperature is an ideal temperature where temperature maintain with relative humanity. To become a testing temperature relative humanity should 65% ± 2% and temperature should 20°C ± 2°C.

4. Do you know what Is Book Inventory?

Book inventory is related to fashion accounting. Inventory book means the dollar value of inventory, as stated in accounting records.

5. Can you tell us when were you most satisfied in your job?

If you want to show your ambition, you can discuss how you haven't reached all of your goals yet and in that sense aren't satisfied. However, if you want to discuss satisfaction from your job discuss an experience in which you achieved something.

6. Tell me who do we target as customers? If you had a store who would you target?

Research the company, looking at not only at how they present themselves online, but also go and visit their stores for first-hand experience. For the second part of the question, give an answer that is similar to the store's audience, but ensure that you have concrete reasons why you would target that demographic.

7. Explain me a time when you've been overwhelmed with work?

Show how you were able to over the "overwhelmed" feeling - by delegating tasks, getting people on your team to help you out, or by prioritizing your work and focusing on the most important issues first.

8. As you know good interpersonal skills are essential in this position. How have your experiences developed your skills in this area?

The experience that taught me the most about interpersonal skills was my time as a door-to-door salesperson. This job required me to foster positive interactions with people in situations where many of them probably did not want to talk to me. A high percentage of people I talked to immediately said they were not interested, so I had to learn to keep a positive attitude and to never let an encounter turn hostile. I also learned how to quickly build rapport with people so they would let their guard down and feel comfortable talking with me about my products.

9. Tell us how do you feel about taking no for an answer?

It's good to be persistent, but not overbearing. Everyone will face rejection at some point in their life, so at some point you'll have to take no for an answer but then learn why you were turned down.

10. Explain me what customer service experience do you have?

Make sure you know your CV inside out, and can speak about your experience without referring to it during the interview. Don't assume that only work experience is relevant. Try and think through any examples of achievements, extra-curricular activities or university projects (as well as work experience) which has given you transferable customer facing experience. For example, you could talk about working on a stand at your freshers' fair.

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