1. Why is it important to highlight job responsibilities on your resume?

Inversely highlighting the position´s responsibilities in a resume is essential when it comes to beating the competition. This shows the employer that you know what the responsibilities for the position are and have the ability to meet them without any need for additional training. This can be done particularly through the summary and responsibilities in work experience. In the summary, concentrate on your attributes learned through previous responsibilities and in the work experience, list past responsibilities in a way that describes the skill used and the result of this skill being implemented.

2. Tell me what are the difference between job responsibilities and job duties?

There is little difference between job responsibilities and job duties. Duties are basically the tasks that the employer assigns (sweeping, mopping). Responsibilities are things that we know we need to do (show up on time for work, wear appropriate clothing). On the other hand, duties are things we must do daily, cooking, cleaning, and making our beds. Responsibilities are meant to help designate or bind us to our actions. The good news is that although responsibilities can be seen as a hindrance, by following them, individuals become respected.

3. Tell me what are the responsibilities of employers?

Employees responsibilities include the following:
★ Responsibility to work in compliance with OH&S acts and regulations.
★ Responsibility to use personal protective equipment and clothing as directed by the employer.
★ Responsibility to report workplace hazards and dangers.
★ Responsibility to work in a manner as required by the employer and use the prescribed safety equipment.

4. What are the things that internal responsibility system does?

Internal responsibility system does the following:
★ Establishes responsibility sharing systems
★ Promotes safety culture
★ Promotes best practice
★ Helps develop self reliance
★ Ensures compliance

5. Please give some examples of job responsibilities?

Example Job Responsibilities:
★Being on time to a job - unpunctuality shows bad work ethic
★Wearing the appropriate clothing or uniform
★Organization - keeping your desk and folders in order for efficiency
★Focused - customer satisfaction is the first priority
★Work well with co-workers - team work is often a necessity with most jobs

6. Do you know whom does the provision apply to?

Most people of all ages living in the country must abide by the individual shared responsibility provision. In addition, foreigners and resident aliens who live in the country long enough during the calendar year and pay income taxes also must have minimum essential coverage.
However, people who are in the country for a short time and who are not required to pay income taxes do not have to follow the law.

7. Tell me how does an internal responsibility system work?

The internal responsibility system is the underlying philosophy of the occupational health and safety legislation in all Canadian jurisdictions. Its foundation is that everyone in the workplace both employees and employers is responsible for his or her own safety and for the safety of co-workers. Acts and regulations do not always impose or prescribe the specific steps to take for compliance. Instead, it holds employers responsible for determining such steps to ensure health and safety of all employees.

8. Tell me what are the employer's responsibilities?

An employer must:
★ Establish and maintain a joint health and safety committee, or cause workers to select at least one health and safety representative
★ Take every reasonable precaution to ensure the workplace is safe
★ Train employees about any potential hazards and in how to safely use, handle, store and dispose of hazardous substances and how to handle emergencies
★ Supply personal protective equipment and ensure workers know how to use the equipment safely and properly
★ Immediately report all critical injuries to the government department responsible for OH&S
★ Appoint a competent supervisor who sets the standards for performance, and who ensures safe working conditions are always observed.

9. Do you know what are the manager responsibilities?

As a manager or supervisor, he or she:
★ Must ensure that workers use prescribed protective equipment devices.
★ Must advise workers of potential and actual hazards.
★ Must take every reasonable precaution in the circumstances for the protection of workers.

10. Please tell me do children and the elderly have to abide by the individual shared responsibility provision?

Senior citizens must have minimum coverage as do children, unless they qualify for an exemption. As we said before, medicare, medicare part and the children's health insurance program all are qualifying plans. Any single or married filer who claims a child as a dependent for income tax purposes is responsible for making sure that child is covered.

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