1. Do you know what Is Software Reliability In Ecommerce?

E-commerce requires software that performs critical tasks, such as creating storefront and a shopping cart, collecting customer data, and providing the payment gateway. This software needs to function correctly.
Testing assures the organization of the quality and integrity of the e-commerce solution.

2. Do you know how to test a Crucial Ecommerce?

Testing is crucial to e-commerce because e-commerce sites are both business critical and highly visible to their users; any failure can be immediately expensive in terms of lost revenue and even more expensive in the longer term if disaffected users seek alternative sites. Yet the time pressures in the e-commerce world militate against the thorough testing usually associated with business criticality, so a new approach is needed to enable testing to be integrated into the development process and to ensure that testing does not present a significant time burden.

3. Explain me have you ever mentored anyone before? If yes, describe the situation?

Describe a time where you've helped someone else. Mentorships can be informal so as you've helped someone over a period of time that can certainly count. The key is to highlight how you utilized certain skills/attributes like coaching, teaching, patience, communication skills, and so forth to mentor that person.

4. Please explain what Is System Assurance In Ecommerce?

The main purpose of system assurance is to deliver a quality product. Conformance to requirements increases the organization's confidence in the system.
An e-commerce system deals with three parties: the bank, the transaction clearinghouse, and the customer. The interdependency of these three parties makes the process of buying and selling over the Internet more critical than in real life. If the faith of any of these parties dwindles in the e-commerce site, the entrepreneurs can lose a lot of money, as well as their reputation.
For example, in the case of a faulty e-commerce system, the credit card of the customer may be billed immediately for the complete order, when only a partial order has been filled. Testing must assure that partial order fulfillment and billing are done correctly.

5. Tell us what Is The Difference Between Business-to-business And Business-to-consumer Electronic Commerce?

Difference between business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce:
Business-to-business electronic commerce is conducted between two separate businesses, such as a large company needing office supplies and an office supply company. Business-to-consumer electronic commerce is between one individual and a company selling goods or services.

6. Tell us what differentiates this company from other competitors?

Be positive and nice about their competitors but also discuss how they are better than them and why they are the best choice for the customer. For example: "Company XYZ has a good product, but I truly believe your company has a 3-5 year vision for your customer that aligns to their business needs."

7. Tell me how open are you to relocation?

If you're not, then say you're not. Don't lie about it just to get the job. There's no point if you won't move for the job anyway and lying is unethical. If you are open to relocation, let them know which areas you'd be willing to relocate to.

8. Tell us the Types Of Ecommerce Applications Available In The It Industry?

☛ Business to Business (B2B)
☛ Business to Customers (B2C)
☛ Customers to Customers (C2C)
☛ Customers to Business (C2B)

9. Tell us how To Test Payment Gateways In Web Portals?

Using dummy card ids, we can test Payment Gateways.

10. Tell me what do you expect to be earning in 5 years?

Discuss how you expect yourself to be excellent at your job. Thus, it would be reasonable to expect pay that is based on the merit of your work.

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