What is the difference between the law of multiple proportions and the law of definite proportions?

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Both laws have to do with relating to Dalton's Atomic Theory. The only difference is that the Law of Definite Proportions deals with elements combining to form ONE compound in a simple whole number ratio. The Law of Multiple Proportions is comparing the same 2 elements that make up 2 different compounds the division of these 2 ratios should equal a simple whole number ratio.

For example, Carbon and oxygen can combine to form carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. If you calculated each compounds ration of oxygen to carbon, you would get the following ratios: compound A would equal a combining ratio of 1.34:1 (O:C). Compound B would equal a combining ratio of 2.67:1 (O:C).

If you divided the bigger ratio by the smaller ratio you would have that oxygen combines with a ratio of 2.67/1.34, which would equal 1.99:1, which is close enough to 2:1.
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