Which metals do not react with lithium Bromide ad why?

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For solving the problem you should have the electro negativity of Li and B and calculate the difference between the two quantities, and for the next step for any metal, you should calculate the difference between its electro negativity and bromine's. Then if the result was higher than first value, one may say that this metal will react with the material otherwise it will not. However, you should have this in mind that the given procedure is true only in standard condition. However, in practice, many other factors will affect. Now I give you the calculations:

Electro negativity for Li = 1

Electro negativity for Br = 1.14

1.14 - 1 = .14

Now we consider a metal, let say Mg. Its Electro negativity is 1.2, so the difference is 1.2-1.14= .06, which is less than .14, so it will not react in standard conditions. Let say Fe, its Electro negativity is 1.8, the difference is 1.8 - 1.14 = .64 which is greater than .14, and it may react and form FeBr2.
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