Described REPORT BURSTING and how to do it in BCA as i have to split the report and send diff reports to diff people?

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If some part of the data in your report is sensative, you can't risk sending the whole report to everybody, even to those who need to see the least sensative part of report !

Solution is Report Bursting.
You can send reports to BCA for scheduled processing & distribution to users based on THEIR profiles (profile = user rights) & not based on your profile !

BO 5 & WebI 2.5 procedure to do this :
Open the document, click "Send to BroadCast Agent" on Doc Exchange toolbar.
In Actions tab select "Refresh with the Profile of Each Recipient"
In the Distributions tab select "Distribute via the Business Objects Repository. (only option to enable you for Report Bursting)
click To, select recipients,
Schedule it & OK.

In WebI 2.5...........
in Refresh options Select Scheduled Refresh & click send
on Scheduling Options, Set "Refresh According to the profile of each recipient" to Yes & OK.
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