What will be the long-term effects of the Baby Boom?

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There are millions of Baby Boomers coming up hot and heavy. There are pros and cons...


Baby Boomers want things right and aren't too old to fight for it which could be excellent in the areas of health care, politics, and taking a good solid stand on important issues of the country they are in.

Baby Boomers are either going to retire and travel, stay around home, have ill health perhaps, or many well go back to work part-time or full-time. Although I am not classed as a Baby Boomer I found that I would rather work part-time than stay home constantly and it helps financially. Baby Boomers may even have more free time to volunteer in places that need help, or, they may even go back to College or night school. Some may even go into their own businesses. They have much to offer.
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