Fresh Business Development Associate Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
► Provide some examples of working in a team environment. What was your role? What was your contribution?
► Think back to a team meeting you recently participated in. What was your role in this meeting?
► What is different about the way you and your most recent supervisor manage people?
► Give me an example that describes your working style (e.g., probe for independent vs. collaborative; deadline-focused vs. not…).
► Tell me about the best and worst supervisees you have ever managed. How did you work with these supervisees?
► Give me an example of how you have provided professional development opportunities to your supervisees.
► Give me an example of when you have persuaded a colleague or team member to change his or her approach. How did you do it?
► If your most recent supervisor had to characterize your ability to work in a team, what would he/she say? And your supervisees?
► How do you give feedback? How do you take feedback? Provide examples.
Submitted by: Muhammad

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