Sample Business Development Associate Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
► What do you see as your greatest achievement in your role as ABC at XYZ organization? Why?
► What do you see as your greatest challenges/failures in your role as ABC at XYZ organization? Why?
► What are the most significant weaknesses in your performance? How do you compensate for those weaknesses?
► Describe the job where you have been least effective. What do you think the reasons are?
► Give me an example of where you disagreed with a decision your boss and/or colleague made. What was the situation? How did you handle it? What was the outcome?
► Tell me about a time when, because of your analysis, there was a major change of direction or key decisions in your organization.
► What was the most difficult/complex decision you had to make in your last position? Would you do it differently next time? If so, how?
► What is your decision making style? Provide an example of when you have made a rapid decision and when you took a significant amount of time to make a decision.
► How do you plan your work? Prioritize your work?
► If your most recent supervisor had to characterize your strengths and weaknesses, what would he/she say?
► How comfortable do you feel working in an ambiguous environment? Describe a situation where you have had this experience.
► Describe a typical day at your last (or current) position.
Submitted by: Muhammad

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