1. Who is governess?

A governess, in contrast to a nanny, concentrates on teaching and training children.

2. Who is childminder?

A childminder cares for the child in the childminder's home. Depending on the country they live in, government registration may or may not be required.

3. If given this job of nanny, when will you be available?

I understand this is a full time job, and I am willing to stick to those requirements. Sometimes I could be on leave, but I understand I might be needed at any time.

4. What have your past mistakes?

For all my three previous jobs, I enjoyed dealing with the children and interacting with their families and relatives. I have had the normal issues of work, but have managed to remain focused on ensuring I give quality results. I have had problems dealing with some extended family members but I this has helped improve my listening skills.

5. As nanny what do others say about you?

My last employer says I am passionate about the young ones, especially when it comes to proper diet. I could provide more detailed feedback if needed.

6. Tell me about any of your weaknesses?

My last jobs were demanding and engaging, but I failed to enhance my interpersonal skills. I would like to have an opportunity of interacting and speaking more with people or groups of people.

7. Do you have any health problems?

A personal question, yes, but since you'll be leaving your baby alone with her, you have a right to know if she suffers from asthma attacks, debilitating migraines, seizures, or anything else that could make caring for your child harder (or dangerous).

8. Tell me can you stay a little later if I'm caught at work?

If this happens often with your job, it's important to know if the applicant is flexible about staying an extra hour or two. If she has evening obligations - say, a child of her own or nighttime classes - she's probably not a good nanny for you.

9. Explain what are your personal child-rearing philosophies?

It is important for your answer to demonstrate a respect for the family's child raising beliefs and values and the ability to be flexible in your child care approach according to this. A rigid personal philosophy can only lead to problems. Focus on how you are constantly learning about child-rearing.

10. What are the major challenges of a nanny job?

Probably the biggest challenge in your average nanny job is having to adapt to different people with different needs and requirements in new environments.
The ability to form a bond and develop trust with diverse people is essential. This includes having to care for children that all respond differently. Learning how to deal with each child and parent in the most effective way possible for their individual personalities is a definite challenge.