1. When changes occur in the company organization, that you think will make your workload unreasonably heavier in the long term, what is your reaction?

Candidate should show maturity, an ability to discuss issue with superiors, and should not have a confrontational attitude to this change.

2. When all the conditions are variable in a project, how do determine how to proceed?

Job seeker should show flexibility when trying to learn “on the job”, and they should be able to tie down some of the variables, as they proceed.

3. When you are unsure of the outcome when trying a new idea, how do you react?

Applicant should be capable of taking a calculated risk and have the ability to learn from it.

4. Have you ever used a new idea without being certain of the outcome? What did you do and was it a good decision?

Job seeker should have an ability to experiment and assess the results of that change.

6. When was the last occasion that you took a risk in the workplace, by saying or doing something that could have had adverse repercussions on you, but did not? Was the outcome in the long term favorable?

Applicant should have self-assurance in proposing new ideas and understand that they may not always be heard/ the ideas may not be accepted.