1. What kind of customer queries have you been handling? How do you manage to meet their requirements and how do you respond to them?

You should hear that candidate is well-mannered, well-tempered, and reliable when dealing with customers.

2. Have you faced any situation when you needed to act very skillfully and discreetly? How did you manage?

You should hear that applicant is cautious while interacting with customers and co-workers to avoid future problems, that they think about the long-term, and that they want to maintain positive, personal, working relationships.

3. Have you ever felt irritated or frustrated while dealing with a customer? How do you respond when customers become demanding beyond an acceptable level?

Answer should show that applicant is well-tempered, able to control and safeguard professional interests in agitated situations.

4. How do you respond when you receive negative feedback from a customer about you personally? What approach would you take to deal with such a customer?

Applicant should show that they do not let personal ego come in the way of professional behavior. Notice if they can take criticism well and if they see the value of positive criticism.

5. How would you respond if one of your colleagues came to you and asked you something, which you could not reveal to him, because you were bound by confidentiality?

Answer should show that he/she can balance confidentiality and communications with co-workers, can keep necessary information confidential, and does not feel bad about keeping confidential information from co-workers.