1. When faced with a problem do you ever view it from the other persons point of view? Can you give me a recent example?

Answer should show the applicant can easily see things from another's point of view. They should be able to understand another's way of thinking and understand their interests. They should make decisions considering all dimensions of the situation.

2. Can you explain the working culture of your current team? How do you manage to let your colleagues know that you are concerned about them?

Applicant should not be self-centered; they should be kind, understanding, and cordial in meetings; they should be obliging and supportive.

3. Have you ever asked for feedback about your work? Is feedback a positive or a negative?

Applicant should consider feedback from others important to him/her, they should be a good listener, and they should be able to process feedback in an optimistic way to improve skills and services.

4. Tell me about a time you had to deal with a customer who was very vague?

Job seeker should be able to recognize or assess the feelings and views of others while interacting with them. They should be able to determine what a customer wants from him/her.