1. What specific software have you used for clerical work?

► PC and MAC databases
► Filemaker Pro
► Microsoft Office applications including Excel, Project, Outlook, Word and Power point
► Oracle Enterprise Systems

2. What skills and abilities are vital for an administrative clerk?

► Ability to work independently, maintain confidentiality and prioritize tasks in a busy environment.
► Excellent interpersonal skills for maintaining positive corporate relationships.
► Capability of working under pressure.
► Strong motivation, detail orientation, professionalism and ability to multi task.

3. Explain your distinguishing attributes?

► Well versed in performing word processing jobs; letters, memos, reports and a like.
► Outstanding front desk and reception skills.
► Strong organizational skills.

4. Tell me where you see yourself in the next ten years?

I plan to pursue my study and obtain a bachelor's degree in business administration while working with you as an Admin Clerk. It will help me excel in your company as well and by the end of ten years I might be promoted for my excellent work to the administration director position.

5. Tell us about your passion?

To achieve excellence at my place of work.

6. Tell me what types of specialized clerical equipment can you proficiently use?

I am skilled in using a multitude of office equipment including:
► Multi-line telephone system
► Laser/dot printers
► Photocopy machines
► Fork lifters
► Large puncturing machines
► Scanners

7. Tell me are you familiar with State and Federal requirements for mailing and receiving couriers?

I am experienced in preparing/packaging parcels and documents for mailing and sending couriers using state and private courier services following all legal requirements.

8. Tell me what need to be careful about while performing large amount of data entry?

One must be careful about precision and high accuracy when performing data entry. This can be achieved by putting in a great attention to the detail. Data has to be compared for verification of accuracy and completeness so that any possible discrepancies are identified and eliminated with appropriate corrective measures. The data entered should be presentable.

9. Explain your qualities that would you bring to us?

Profound communication ability including grammar, punctuation, proofreading, spelling and telephone skills.

10. Tell me something about yourself, your past experiences and academic background?

I completed my high school in 2012. Since then, I have been working in diverse administration and clerical capacities. I had been working as a Receptionist at Global Resource Solutions for 10 months and currently I am working as an Admin Clerk with welco.

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