1. Please tell me what are the responsibilities of a library assistant?

There are basic responsibilities like:
★ Showing up for work on time and putting in expected hours.
★ Making appropriate choices such as how you dress and how you interact with others.
★ Being reliable to your boss, the people you work with and clients should be able to rely on you on a daily basis, especially during peak or urgent periods.

2. How important is it to possess good interpersonal skills for a library assistant and why?

It is very important for library assistants to possess good interpersonal skills. This is because they are constantly in touch with library patrons and often need to exercise tact. One also has to be patient and tolerant of patron's interests and tastes so that no one is offended.

3. What technology do you think is important to be familiar with while working as a library assistant?

It is important to be able to work with library-specific cataloging systems. Library assistants have to work with spreadsheets so knowledge of Microsoft Excel is also important. Since working as a library assistant means that one has to assist patrons in looking for online information or through library records, it is important to be technically savvy as well.

4. What maintenance duties do you need to perform in your role as a library assistant?

It is important to be able to perform some book repair and maintenance activities. It is also important to ensure cleanliness of bookshelves which involves dusting and arranging and rearranging books and resources in the library.

5. Do you have ability to work in a team?

Speak about your past good experiences working in a team with good examples of project implementation. If you led a team in the past or were a key member that has a potential of leading a team, then talk about that.

6. How do you handle difficulties and stress as a library assistant?

Provide short interesting success stories from your background. Explain the way you manage your work-time to cope with high work load. You can also tell about the techniques you use to overcome stressful situations and difficulties.

7. How would you be an asset to this company as a library assistant?

If you can't answer this calmly and with enthusiasm you are off to a rocky start. Highlight your skills and accomplishments that relate to the position and give yourself a plug.

8. Why should we choose you for the position of library assistant?

Now's your chance to sell yourself. Tell the interviewer how you are an excellent match with the needs of the company.

9. Why do you want to be employed by this company as a library assistant?

You should have put thought into this prior to the interview. It is a question that is asked often so be ready. Of course you need to be sincere.

10. What would your co-workers say about you as a library assistant?

Have at least a couple of quotes from co-workers. Tell about the previous job colleague's quotes about you and your work.

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