1. Is it enough for you?

It is definitely enough. However I would love to earn twice this amount.

These are some of the questions which can be asked from you when you will give the interview for the post of the painter. You will have to be innovative as well as attentive if you want to excel in the field of painting.

2. What kind of glue do you use?

GW Superglue and 2 part epoxy sometimes for stronger bonds.

3. What do you use to strip paint off minis?

Castrol SuperClean - found in automotive aisles. Be careful when you use this - wear a mask and gloves if possible, don't take chances with your health like I do!

4. What do you use to dry your brushes while painting?

Paper towel. I also use my lips to maintain a good tip on my brushes. By the time I'm done a painting session, my bottom lip has a gross line of paint stuck to it. Very unattractive, but effective.

5. What are your pet peeves?

I have many, but a couple are spam email and painters not updating their websites - I need stuff to look at! Oh, and Forgeworld's prices.

6. How do you do grass on a base?

I prime it black and drybrush it a few times using successively lighter shades. For healthy grass I use greens, for dead grass I use browns and bones.

7. Where did you learn all your tricks and techniques?

Reading White Dwarf, internet articles and tutorials, and simply asking people how they did stuff. Most of my techniques were gleaned from other people, only a few are my own inventions :)

8. How do you paint rusty NMM?

I use London Grey and Space Wolves Grey 50/50 (although I have been experimenting with different greys, such as shadow grey). Then I add either white or bleached bone to this for several layers (up to white). Then, when dry, I give the areas several very thin washes with bestial brown and dark flesh, and sometimes vermin brown. Sometimes I sprinkle salt on the wash, let it dry, then brush it off (trick I learned in White Dwarf).

9. How do you paint rusty metallics?

I use boltgun and highlite it with the appropriate amounts of chainmail and mithril silver. When that is done, I give the metallic layers several very thin washes of brown, yellow and green inks - making sure to siphon off any puddles using my brush.

10. How do you thin your paints?

I keep a dropper syringe on my desk that contains a mix of 1/3 blending medium by Winsor and Newton, and 2/3 water. I add a drop or two to my paint mix, depending on how thin I want it. For times when I paint one color for quite a while, I might go back and add more drops as needed.

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