1. What is Social control?

Social control capabilities have increased significantly over the past several decades, particularly because of an increased utilization of technologically advanced surveillance methods.

2. What is Law enforcement?

Law enforcement broadly refers to any system by which some members of society act in an organized manner to enforce the law by discovering, deterring, rehabilitating or punishing persons who violate the rules and norms governing that society.

3. Tell me where you did not lose your cool in spite of the circumstances?

A lot of complex circumstances can happen at any time, as a police officer you have to keep your patience. If not, you not only bring disrepute to your police force but also to your society just because of your hot temper. In order to demonstrate your patience to the interviewer, you should give an example in which you successfully controlled your actions and kept patience in the situations you faced.

4. Why did you choose your career as police officer?

The honor and conscience are two valuable things which someone needs to conserve. So there are not many people want to do something beyond them. They may want to do something useful for our community. You shouldn‟t be exaggerated your point of view about conscience and faithfulness. If you have passion for the police force and would like to protect innocent from the criminal factors in society, do not hesitate to express your wish and ambition. With a positive and constructive character of a policeman, you are willing to do the best you can to prevent your society from crime, reduce the fear of crime and improve the quality of life for all citizens.

5. Are you willing to take a (drug, medical, psychological, fitness) test?

All they are looking for is a yes answer. If you add anything to your yes response or you respond with a no, then you open yourself up for additional questioning.

6. Do you have any medical restrictions which would prevent you from performing a full range of duties?

The panel will probably question you about your overall health. They will ask if you are currently taking any medications. They may inquire as to what your vision is. They want to make sure you are physically fit for the job.

7. Are you currently in any financial debt?

Just because you have an outstanding balance on your credit cards, a car loan, a student loan, and/or mortgage payment does not mean you wont be hired. Most people have borrowed money to pay for the more expensive things in life. What they want to know is if you are credit worthy. A person who is not capable of paying his bills may not be a dependable employee. If you have accumulated a large amount of debt on your credit cards, this too may disqualify you. Accumulating large amounts of unsecured debt shows that you have exercised poor judgement and may be a risk.

8. Have you ever sold illegal drugs?

If you have ever sold drugs, don't count on getting hired.

9. Have you ever used an illegal drug?

If you are currently using any illegal drugs, then you will not pass the interview. You cannot break the law while at the same time seek a position which enforces the law. You should openly admit to any previous drug usage. Each agency has certain parameters as to the type of drug and the amount of usage they will accept. If you fall outside of these parameters, there is nothing you can do but apply with another agency.
If you smoked a joint a few times in high school or college, admit to it. This does not necessarily disqualify you. As long as the panel believes this was an infrequent occurrence in your past, and that you are now a responsible adult, you should pass this portion of the interview.

10. Do you drink alcohol?

Moderate drinking is acceptable. What they are looking for are those people who drink excessively. Too much drinking can lead to absence from work, poor work performance, bad health, and financial troubles.

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