1. Why you wish to join us as a cabin crew?

► I want become the cabin crew because cabin crew is a very challenging job for any person, and I want looking for an international career opportunity. Besides that, I also can chance to serve many different types of passenger.
► I want to be a cabin crew because being a part of it, I'll get the chance to interact with various kinds of people belonging to different regions, religions and cultures.

2. Cabin crew interview questions part 4:

► How to handle a drunk passenger?
► How would you define good and bad customer service in the airline sector? Can you give examples of both?
► What are the strengths that make you a suitable candidate?
► What do you do If one of the passengers spit in your face?
► What would you like to do in five years' time?
► What are your hobbies?
► Why should we hire you?
► What will you bring to the job/company if we employ you?

3. Cabin crew interview questions part 3:

► Why do you want become a cabin crew?
► Do you consider this as a career?
► How do you handle stressful situations?
► How do you handle a complaint?
► Can you tell us some of your weaknesses?
► Have there been situations when you have lost your temper?
► What do you mean by exceptional customer service?
► What do you say to or handle a passenger who is terrified of flying?

4. Cabin crew interview questions part 2:

► What is the airline's mission statement?
► Where do they fly to?
► Are there any future plans for expansion or growth?
► What airports do they fly out of?
► Who are the airline's major competitors?
► How many employees do they have at any one time?
► What products and services do they offer?
► What do you like about this particular airline?
► What is the airline's customer care policy?
► How long have they been operating?

5. Cabin crew interview questions part 1:

► What you know about the role of a cabin crew member?
► The reasons for applying and why you want to join this particular airline?
► What you know about their airline?
► How you deal with specific situations in your working life and what you learn from them?
► Challenges faced by the airline?
► Your own personal qualities and attributes?
► Your strengths and weaknesses?
► Team-working skills?
► Respect and diversity?

6. What important quality a cabin crew should have?

Being a cabin crew requires a person to have solid interpersonal skills. The person should be always cheerful and should not show their frustrations or anger to the people around them. This is the most important aspect of being in the cabin crew.

7. What would you do if the seat belt signs were on and the aircraft is about to take off, but a passenger insist that he has to kneel down to conduct his prayer due to religious reasons?

Well obviously this is a delicate situation. However first and foremost is Passenger safety.
I would deal with this situation by calmly speaking to the passenger and telling him we respect his choice to pray but he cannot do this during take-off because of the danger to himself and other passengers. I would politely ask him to take his seat.
Also if I were a junior Cabin Crew I would confer with a senior as there are many things involved.

8. How would you deal with this situation if there are 60 children on the flight, but you only have 40 toys?

There are a number of things I could do here.
► I'd check out each kit and if appropriate I'd beak it down into a coloring book for one child and a puzzle for another. I have done this before and it works out fine in most cases.
► I'll make sure the kit is age appropriate, some of the older kids may not want the entertainment items inside, so I'd make a call on the age limit when handing out the kit.

9. What you do if a commercially important passenger complained that another commercially important passenger is snoring too loudly behind him?

I would listen and sympathize with the passenger, but of course I cannot awaken the snorer (just yet anyway).
Offer earplugs and empathy will do a lot to elevate the situation. Maybe a drink will also help the passenger ignore the snoring. I can also suggest headphones piping in music.

10. What you do if you saw one of your colleagues being deliberately rude to a passenger?

► Firstly I would check with the Flight Attendant to make sure I heard and understood everything correctly. It would be terrible to falsely accuse someone. Maybe I had miss-heard.
► If the Cabin Crew seems to be genuinely at fault I would report it to a senior Flight Attendant. The reputation of the company and the enjoyment of the passengers is of course a very important concern.
► If I was the direct superior of the Flight Attendant, I would ask them the circumstances of the incident and take appropriate action. The crew would be given a verbal warning but the incident would be recorded in the crew briefing note.
► I would also approach the concerned passenger to find out if he was at all affected by his encounter with the crew and try to fix the situation.

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