1. Describe your ideal job?

my ideal job is to work under or with such a good and technical designer.......well m doing my fashion design course from nift kolkta and in 2nd year.........and desire to work with such a designer mention above........there i also learn many things.and also became goo in designing work.........as all the job seekers think a job there he can also get many things to learn ....and that me tooo...........

3. What is friendship?

The sense of understand to something or somebody for which
we be able to get a splendid nture to take care of that.
This is the bridge where does no sign of joint as well as
no any pan of suspect retains.
No claim, no obligations, no query, no sorry, no excuse are
the decorations of the friendship....!
It is simply a process of merging by ideas, figures,nature,
etc. A friendship always feels a thirst for love, respect,
ability to apprehence one's good quility. It quenches its
thirst for anything by keep in touch method.

4. Is it hard to make it into the fashion design business?

to make a business is really a hard work in any field &
fashion dsign is a creative work so it takes more time.

5. When designing clothes ... what steps can be taken to get creative ideas flowing?

u should have a look at lots of magazines, should know basic
silhoutee styles, basic sketching skill... wel im to say
that u should be able to bring out ur design .. with all
these skills n knowledge... focus on the customer u wanna
design.. start skeching a basic style that suits ur
customer... go on sketchin with ur basic style by doing some
variations .... practice this ... u can surely bring out a
good design of yours

6. What are the main responsibilities of a Fashion Designer?

selection of good fabrics,their
qualities,color,texture,style,and the main imp designing

8. How do I become a successful fashion designer?

success is like a ladder go step by step ot become a

9. How much do fashion designers make?

no limit...as per my knowledge monthly more than INR 50 Lakhs...

10. How to turn fashion design hobby into a career?

creating designs by taking themes like:fusion wear,trible
wear,western wear etc....

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