1. Have you ever tried to do a job for which you were unqualified for? How did you react at that time? Were you able to accomplish your task?

Applicant should indicate and ability to take risks and chances to achieve goals at work. Their had work should inspires others.

2. Have you ever tried to act as a mentor to a colleague? Was it worth it from a professional point of view?

Applicant should enjoy assisting others in their personal development as it helps to achieve common goals. They should understand that Helping people increases morale.

3. Does you like to praise team members in public? How do you express your appreciation of them?

Job seeker should be open-minded enough to appreciate the efforts and achievements of every member of the team.

4. Describe one experience when you had to lead a team?

Applicant may not have had experienced a leadership role, but they should be able to display leadership skills and abilities.

5. How do you keep each member of the team involved and motivated, while keeping morale high? What steps do you need to take to achieve this?

Applicant should work hard to develop respect for each member of the team and try to makes team members feel important. Mutual respect is vital to success.

6. In what situations do you prefer to use your leadership skills? Can you give me some examples?

Applicant should have ideas about where their skills would work best. They should show that they create solutions to tricky and unexpected situations when extraordinary leadership skills are needed.