If we remove the hd of a pc wether it will run or not? If yes how or if no why?

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Well that depends on a lot of variables. One is temperature.
As you know, temp is variable with location and the time of
year. Therefore it is importance that you pick the location
and it variables. Also some of the physical may alter the
results. In particular Astronomical Unit 1.496 x 1011 meters
the Atomic Mass Constant 1.6605386x10-27 kg, mass of the
proton 1.67262171x10-27 kg, mass of the neutron
1.67492728x10-27 kg and mass of the electron 9.1093826x10-
31 kg. All these taken together along with the speed of
light 9.4605x1015 m and the parsec value 3.0857x1016 m
will determine the answer to your question.
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