1. Do you work well under pressure as Deputy Manager Security?

Pressure always give us something hard to stand for. I have learned a lot while working under pressure. I have meet those points of my work which I have never seen from my eyes or experience. For that reason I would say that I have worked a lot under pressure and succeeded after getting them batter by the next time.

2. How will your past experience help our company?

My past experience will be a positive impact to this company because I have learnt from short comings I had, hence, I am well rounded and with my experiences will be able to prevent short comings I have had before and ones to come in your company.

3. Tell me what motivates you to protect our customers, building, operations, etc?

Security is a critical and integral part of this company. The residence here deserve to feel safe, and deserve feel like this is home. With the way the world is today, being able to live with the absolute feeling of safety and security is extremely important.

4. How you responded to serious situations in the past?

Through training and understanding that situations are real and people can get hurt, understand and evaluate the situation so that things will be done different in the future.

5. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

I am looking into taking more management classes at Chatt State and completing my Seminary Degree.

6. What's your ideal job or task, as a deputy Security Manager?

Threat perception, implementation of measures according to perception, counter measures, counter counter measures.

7. How does this security position, fit into your career plans?

Based on my current experience all new challenges and will be added to my previous experience, definitely it will add value.

8. How you can keep focused during your shifts?

Evaluate your workload and plan as to how to go about and also set time for each of the job.

9. How important to you is being on time or early for work?

It is very important, I am a firm believer in being to work at least 30 minutes ahead of time.

10. What security systems have the most experience with?

I am professional set the security plans for sites, evacuation plan for sites and make the necessary training for staff in order to develop bespoke package that are geared towards prioritizing the safety of staff and clients in the event of a security incident.

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