1. Tell us what Was Your Reason For Leaving Your Previous Job?

Whatever may be the reason, you should include only positive reasons in your answer. You should always acknowledge whatever you learnt from your previous employer. Your skills improved and plus you gained experience from your previous job. Never ever criticize about your previous job.

2. Tell us are You Aware Of The Mental Requirements Of The Job?

Mental requirements might be intensive work load, working under pressure, stress, long hours, long periods of standing up and walking, and performing administrative tasks.

3. Explain me are You Comfortable Working In A Team?

In an Assistant Manager's position, you have to work with your senior manager and your juniors. So working in a team is essential. You cannot work independently in any company. You should always be able to work in a team. So your answer will be a yes.

4. Explain me do You Find The Job Of An Assistant Manager As Interesting?

An assistant manager is a management job and hence interaction with people is necessary. In such a role one can improve their interpersonal skill, adaptability, problem solving and ability to multitask. Since there are many opportunities to learn in this role , the job of an assistant manager is an interesting one.

5. Please explain what Is Your Greatest Achievement Till Date?

Your greatest achievement should be something from your previous job and it should relate to the job you are applying. Do not make your answer lengthy but include all necessary details so as to give an impressive answer to the interviewer.

6. Explain me what do you think makes for a successful rep coaching session?

The candidate doesn't have to give a sample agenda of what their one-on-ones would look like. However, it's important that their conception of a coaching session includes actual coaching -- not just a dry discussion of the numbers.

Listen for responses that include mentions of career development, goals, skill building, and problem solving in addition to data review.

7. Tell me what do you know about managing budgets?

Operations managers are typically involved in budget planning. Their goal is to learn how much has already been spent, how much will be spent, and how to spend the remaining budget so as to acquire necessary resources within budget limits. Operations managers may be even involved in financial issues such as loans for the company.

8. Tell me in Your Previous Job, Did You Face Any Kind Of Challenges?

Here the interviewer wants to know how you handled problems or challenges in the past as you will be getting challenges in future also. Provide an example to the interviewer when you faced a challenge and how with your skills you were able to overcome the same.

9. Tell us are you capable of managing a budget?

I am very skilled in budget planning, and I was in charge of the annual budget for the last company I worked at for five years. In addition to allocating resources, I was also in charge of acquiring a fairly large loan when the company wanted to move to a bigger building because we had some big expansions planned. This required me to review everything that we were spending and how much revenue we were bringing in. I then had to meet with a loan officer and make a case for why we should be granted such a large loan, and I managed to get it.

10. Please explain why Do You Want To Work As An Assistant Manager?

You should mention that this role suits you at this point of your career. Also, talk about the benefits the company is offering for this position. You can also add about the company's good reputation. Whatever you say should sound convincing.

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