1. Assume you are a brand, describe your strengths and weaknesses?

My strengths are good communication, analytical and client servicing skills and flexibility to any kind of environment.

My weakness is diversified concentration.

I position as a brand by means of catering to the mass market (Flexibility) with assortment of product categories (diversified concentration) across geographies(flexibility) with high quality product standards to the consumers.

2. What's the thing you're most proud of?

When I read a resume, I want to see big accomplishments beyond your work experience or school. Football, chess, travelling the world or charity work etc. I want to hear your story and your pride come through. Great Marketers accomplish things, and I want to know that you have a history of accomplishments. Don't tell just what you did, tell me what you ACCOMPLISHED!

3. What questions do you have to ask?

To me this is one of the most important sections. It demonstrates how engaged you are in the process. The quality of your questions will help to separate you. Have five great questions done ahead of time, ask about 2-3 each interview. Ask deep questions, not surface questions.Turn each answer into a conversation starter.

4. From your previous Interview with our company, what's the biggest mistake you made and how would you now change that?

Great marketers are constantly pushing themselves to improve. That starts with your own personal assessment. I want to see that you have thought about it and now see a better solution. It also puts you under a bit of unexpected pressure to see how you handle that.

5. Tell us what do you feel is the potential for Brand Management?

The potential for brand management will help the company to promote its image in the society, differentiate its offerings from competitors, devise marketing communication activities, protect its product features legally etc.

6. Tell me a time when you've convinced your boss of something they thought wouldn't work?

I want to see if you can make it happen. This will show your leadership, selling skills, and willingness to push. A great Marketer can get what they want.

7. Explain me what are the main responsibilities of a Brand Manager?

The major responsibilities of a brand manager are:

► To oversee the overall performance of the brand and will be a single point of contact for overall profitability of the brand on a whole.
► To involve from budgeting to product development inclusive of pricing, packaging, promotion to enhance brand image of the company
► To design market research studies with MR agencies and utilize the results to take better business decisions regarding market assessment of the company's products
► To be involved with ad agencies to coordinate advertising, event management and marketing communication activities
► And also, be familiar to handle overseas operations and willing to travel overseas in short notice

8. If you were on a team that solved a serious healthcare problem for Society, what factors would you use to price it on the global level?

This is a very thick question with many issues, especially adding in the global issue. I want to see you think through those issues and layer those issues into your answer. How do you handle the differences between North America and the Third World? How important is profitability vs R&D vs compassion? How would you leverage government, key influencers and where would that fit into your answer. Great marketers can handle ambiguity and there is a lot within this case.

9. Do you know what are the components of Brand Positioning?

The components of brand positioning are :

► Target audience
► Category/Industry/Market
► Unique selling proposition

10. If you were the agent of (any celebrity in the news), how would you maximize his/her value over the next 10 years?

I always took something in the pop culture news and asked how you would handle it. I was looking to see how curious you are and how you could take something with very little subject matter expertise and put together a plan. A great Marketer has a curiosity and can form opinions quickly. This lets me see your thinking. Pop culture is a great area that goes beyond books.

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