1. Tell us do You Know What Is Fiscal Deficit?

It is a situation, wherein the total expenditure of the government exceeds its total income. This cannot be compared to debts as these are nothing, but the collection of yearly deficits.

2. Explain me what You Would Like Me To Know About You?

With this question alone, I am able to discern what is most important to the candidate, what their hobbies and interests are, their communication skills, their sense (or lack of) humor, their presentation comfort level, their educational background, their grasp of what the position entails, and their work style.

3. Tell us how Would You Describe Your Own Personality?

Balanced is a good word to use, but remember the type of company you are interviewing at. Some companies may want someone who is aggressive and a go-getter.

4. Tell me what Are You Most Proud Of In Your Career?

The best way to answer this question is to tell them one significant accomplishment and explain why you are proud of it. In other words, how did your proud moment impact the bottom line, overcome a hurdle or knock out a personal goal.

5. Tell us why Do You Want To Work Here With Us?

It helps me instantly find out if the applicant has done any research on the company and if they will take as much pride in their job as I do.

6. Can you tell me what Is Your Management Style?

The best managers are strong but flexible, and that's exactly what you want to show off in your answer. (Think something like, "While every situation and every team member requires a bit of a different strategy, I tend to approach my employee relationships as a coach...") Then, share a couple of your best managerial moments, like when you grew your team from five to 15 or coached an underperforming employee to become the company's top salesperson.

7. Explain me what Is Your Dream Job?

Along similar lines, the interviewer wants to uncover whether this position is really in line with your ultimate career goals. While "an NBA star" might get you a few laughs, a better bet is to talk about your goals and ambitions-and why this job will get you closer to them.

8. Tell us why Were You Fired as GM Processing?

OK, if you get the admittedly much tougher follow-up question as to why you were let go (and the truth isn't exactly pretty), your best bet is to be honest (the job-seeking world is small, after all). But it doesn't have to be a deal-breaker. Share how you've grown and how you approach your job and life now as a result. If you can position the learning experience as an advantage for this next job, even better.

9. Tell us why do you wish to leave your present job?

Never say anything negative about your present employer and don't mention money as a motivator either. The interviewer will reason that if you're prepared to leave one organisation for money, you might leave his/her company if another waved a bigger pay cheque in front of you. The safest track to take is to indicate a desire for greater responsibility and challenge, or the opportunity to use talents you feel are under-used. Make sure your abilities are relevant.

10. Explain me what Are You Currently Reading?

I have found in nearly 30 years of experience, those who read are stronger employees, more creative and can be more objective.

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