1. What is difference between VAT & CST?

Under the CST Act, the tax is collected at one stage of
purchase or sale of goods. Therefore, the burden of the
full tax bond is borne by only one dealer, either the first
or the last dealer. However, under the VAT system, the tax
burden would be shared by all the dealers from first to
last. Then, such tax would be passed upon the final

2. What is your greatest achievement till date?

I feel that the 18 Yrs service had in the Indian Air Force
must my my great achivement. Why becase, not avery one is
getting chance to serve for the Nation and People. Where as
here I had that golden oppurtunity. Despite many problems
faced at my home Front I have served with optimal job

5. What is the difference between Supply Chain & Logistics?

Supply Chain: A supply chain is a system of organizations,
people, technology, activities, information and resources
involved in moving a product or service from supplier to

Logistics: Logistics is the management of the flow of
goods, information and other resources between the point of
origin and the point of consumption in order to meet the
requirements of consumers

6. 1.Are the private insurance companies safe?
2.If any private insurance company all of suden close or
meeting loss, What they should return the invest money to
policy holders?
3.What is defferance between govt insurance and private
4.Somebody saying ICICI produntial company met loss his
property. The organization telling What we can do?share is
down so you people will get very less amount? Is it true?

1) Yes Private company are safe . because all insurance
company are govern by the IRDA(Insurance regulation
developmnt authority )

2)If insurance compancy will be closed u will get all of ur
dues from the IRDA .

3) There is no big different between Private & Goverment
company .

4)No its not true at all

8. Do you think you are u fit for this job?

Yes, i am..not because that i knew the job.. it is because
i knew about myself.. i am much confident that i will
exactly fit to this job.


Though i am strong in the technical aspects,Managing those
technical things with the right resource is very
essential.. To view a thing or product in the other
angle ,i.e in the managerial aspects apart from technical
aspects.. We need MBA.

10. What is the difference between accident and incident?

Any happening is incidance. If such incidance becomes
history than it will be accident.

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