3. How important is leadership and communication skill plays part in a team leader role?

A team lead role can be defined as follows...A person with good communication and interpersonal skills. The main responsibility of a team lead is to co-ordinate the team members during the life cycle of various projects. Communication skill is important because a team can consists of a number of individuals with various ideas and skills. In order to drive them to a common goal, the leader should be able to communicate with the team as well the higher management.
A good team lead is naturally a good communicator and a good communicator can be a good team lead. If he is not able to communicate the achievements of his teams to the management, then the team starts disintegrate. At the same time, if he fails to communicate the management visions to his subordinates, there could be problems due to unawareness. He should effectively communicate to stake holders and mangers about the possible problems which can be or faced by the team such as work-load etc. So effective communication skills makes him a good negotiator as well and hence he would be able to get the trust of the team members

4. What will you do if your team members do not like you?

Not everyone has a same perspective. If a team lead is new to the orginization, he is definately treated with respect. However if a person from same orginization is been promoted, his nature of work, his overall attitiude is already know. To gauge the above question, I would spend quality time with team members asking questions about their work, and other issues related to office and try and build a approachable attitue within team members.

5. Tell me how do I work constructively as a leader of a multi skilled team?

I am able to work constructively as leader if I am able to align my Team's Goal with that of the company's and organizations goals. This is done effectively if I could manage the Business front ( By ensuring all SLAs are met and Billing and revenue generating targets are met by regularly monitoring the team performance, identifying the gaps and managing them effectively)
Apart from this as a Leader I have to take care of the people front. By playing as a mentor and a role model also taking care of there personal and professional needs and issues.

6. Generally, how would you describe the way you influence others?

To Influence others means you need to convince others with your idea. This idea can be genuine or forced one (which you yourself not agree to, generally posed by management).

In both the cases you need to understand others view, way of thinking, their background ultimetly you have to be in their shoe and think how you will going to accept this idea with their school of thought.

7. If conflict arises between two people how will solve that. If one person is overlooking into others job how to deal with such type of people?

We need to find out the root cause for conflict. Most of the reasons would be related to both parties emotiations like ego, jealous, insecurity, negative compitition etc. After finding out the root-cause, I will discuss with person who had affected with emotions. We need to explain him who to view the sitatuion in that particular situation. I will not hurt his self respect but will try to support him to change attitude during that time. At the same time, for the 2nd person, I will explain him about the sportiveness and make him to understand the opponent mental status and stability. With this - both people will understand the ground reality and will work as a team otherwise - two people will become two groups and common objectives will be effected with these people approaches.

8. What are the important responsibilities of Team Leaders?

Prepare reports and maintain records of work accomplishments and
administrative information, as required, and coordinate the preparation,
presentation, and communication of work-related information to the supervisor.

Report to the supervisor periodically on team and individual work
accomplishments, problems, progress in mastering tasks and work processes, and
individual and team training needs.

Intercede with the supervisor on behalf of the team to inform the
supervisor of performance management issues/problems and to recommend/request
related actions, such as assignments, reassignments, promotions, tour of duty
changes, peer reviews, and performance appraisals.

Coach, facilitate, solve work problems, and participate in the work of the

Observe training needs and relay training needs and requests to supervisor

9. What challenges did you face stepping into a leadership role?

To know team members temparament and treat them accordingly.

10. As a Team Lead how do you deal with the toughest group and get their cooperation?

As a Team Lead my first priority for my group will be to make my team understand what are their KPI's and how they have to achieve it. Secondly, if they have to grow in organisation then they have to work hard to achieve their KPI which is not possible without a team work. And for this their cooperation is required.

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