1. Explain what is export declaration?

Export declaration is a government document that defines the goods to be supplied out of the country. This declaration should be filed by exporter to the U.S government.

2. What is TEU?

TEU stands for Twenty foot Equivalent Unit. It is a method of calculating vessel load or capacity, in units of containers that are twenty feel long. For example, a 40ft long container measure 2TEUs.

3. What is cross docking?

Cross docking is a process of unloading materials from an incoming semi-truck and loading directly into out-bounds trucks or trailers. It reduces handling costs, operating costs and the storage of inventory.

4. What is blanket way bill?

A way bill which covers two or more consignment of freight is referred as blanket way bill.

5. How do you motivate staff?

Motivation is a key management requirement, and your answer should stress strong values like positive reinforcement for performance, training in higher duties, and other incentives.

6. What is your training as event coordinator?

Training may include higher education and/or on-the-job training from past jobs. BA's in public relations, hospitality services, marketing, business communication, etc. are highly valued, especially by business companies.

7. Explain what is declared the value for carriage?

Declared value for carriage is the value of the goods, declared by the shipper on the bill of lading, to determine the limit of the carrier's liability or a freight rate.

8. What is affreightment?

Affreightment is a contract between ship owner and merchant, where ship owner provides or rented the space in the ship to the merchant for an agreed amount and for a specific period. In this contract, merchant is liable for the payment whether or not the ship is ready for the shipment.

9. Mention what is freight class based on?

Freight class is based on four factors

• Density: Weight per cubic foot
• Freight Stowability: width and length based on carrier mode rules
• Ease of handling: Evaluation of the effort required in transporting
• Liability: It includes liability to damage, breakability and perishability, freight price per pound and susceptibility of theft

10. On what basis would you fire a staff member?

The only lawful bases for dismissal are well defined into types:

► Misconduct
► Performance
► Theft or fraud (A real problem in supply chains)
► Drug or alcohol abuse

Important: Please note that you must also refer to employer guidelines and staff policies for these issues.

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