1. Where you see yourself in 5 years?

In reality, most people have no idea what they will do in 5 years' time. You can answer this question in two ways:
► You want to become an expert in your field and would like to stay in the area: Advance from being a Project Manager to become a Senior Project Manager.
► Or you want to leave your area - moving from a Project Manager position to a senior management position.
► I want to become an expert in the Project Management area

2. How you will contribute to this company?

I've delivered many successful projects in the past like Project X, Project Y- which were very complex in nature and provided the expected benefits to companies I've worked for. I've also trained and mentored others in the Project Manager discipline up-grading their capability.

3. Why we should hire you?

In general - people will hire you for the following reasons
► You do the job well
► You fit into the company culture
► You are passionate about your job

4. Tell me what motivates you?

The interviewer wants to know if you think more about short-term or long-term goals.
► As a Project Manager I'm heavily involved in implementing new ideas and projects and see them deployed and realized. I want to use my Project Manager skills and talent in order to work on exciting and challenging projects in order to realize the companies goals.
► I am motivated by the challenge of implementing projects ahead of schedule and by managing teams that achieved their goals.

5. What are your main strengths?

Provide three or four statements and back them up with examples. Employers normally like to see examples in the area of:
► Great communicator
► Team player / team leader
► Hardworking
► Motivated and determined
► Using consultative approach
► Mentored and coached teams

6. Why have you left your previous company?

keep it simple, honest and positive. Good reasons for leaving your job or company can be:
► Career growth
► Your company is restructuring
► Moving or finding a job closer to home
► Looking for new challenge

7. Why you want to work for our company?

I'm really interested in working for your company.
I do believe my skill set would fit very well with your job requirements and I'm sure I can help you to be more productive and efficient in your project delivery.

8. Executive Management behavioral interview questions:

► What accomplishment are you particularly proud of?
► When did you handle conflict with your boss, colleagues, or subordinates, Tell me about it?
► Tell me about a situation that demonstrates your work habits?
► Describe a time when you and your superior were in conflict and how it was resolved?

9. Executive Management traditional interview questions:

► Why do you want to hold this position?
► Aside from money, what will you gain from having this job?
► What motivates you to excel?

10. Tell me when did you have to sell an idea within your company and how did it work out?

The employer wants to know how much courage and persuasion you have. Think of a time when you persuaded someone or a group to follow your lead to a successful end. Your experience might have been around a serious business matter, or maybe even a personal interaction that turned into a humorous tale.

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