1. What are the duties of Manager?

► Planning
► Organising
► Directing
► Controlling

2. How know bearing id od through bearing name?

for example bearing n0:6205
its bore(id) is 25
last two digits multiply by 5

3. What is MIS?

MIS - Means by Management information systems called is MIS
Report, like whats are work is done in your place that every
thing convert or keep system wise updation to submit
management. Inventory level, labour attendance,ITR, good
receipt details and good damages,quality reports.

4. What are the metrics followed by a stores manager to control Inventory?

Inventory turnover is main metrics for Inventory control.

5. 1. What is non moving items?
2. What is slow moving items?
3. What is fast moving items?


6. why not India so effected than other EU countries in Late 2000s Recession?

Because we were not open our market fully to global market

7. 1. what is the process of purchasing materials in manufacturing company ?
2. What is the difference b/w invoice and Purchase order?
3. How to select,to purchase the best product/material in manufacturing industry?

1. Simply put, using the ABC Class coding for item being
manufactured and/or assembled. Your question is very broad
and hard to answer since you are asking a question that
involves to many departments. But generally speaking, when
it comes to cost, ship dates, quantities ordered, the ABC
rule is best.

2. A "Purchase Order" is a legal and binding contract
between a Manufacturer and Supplier that stipulates the item
ordered, quantity of item, ship dates, and cost of item that
the Supplier agrees to supply the Manufacturer.

A "Invoice" is what the Supplier sends to the Manufacturer
after or with the items that are described in a Purchase
Order. The Invoice contains the item description, quantity
shipped, and cost of said item and is to be paid by the
Manufacturer according to the terms agreed upon either ahead
of time or as described in the Purchase Order or as noted on
the Invoice. Generally, the terms are Net 30 days.

3. All items to be purchased have a blueprint or a listing
of what this item is made of and/or a Manufacturer part
number. If it is to be a manufactured part made from a
blueprint, the purchasing agent has the responsibility to
send out for quote (3 vendor min.) and receive from the
Vendor, a list of prices based on quantity ordered. The best
product and material come from reputable and established
companies that deal with this type of product. Larger
companies have better price since they deal with larger
volumes of raw material and better machining equipment and
more experienced personnel.

8. Why are you changing so frequently?

I believe each and every thing in the world is very useful
&knowledgeable. I wish to be a multi-player rather than i
am strong in one part of the game.. So that, my knowledge,
idea, could be used at every step in achieving the goal.
Even i wud be happy if i get the rotational job here.. No
matter where, i will change to the areas where i get

9. What is logistics?list about logistics works!

Logistics is a process by which we can transfer the goods
or product from one place to other or from the place from
where is originated and to the place where it's in demand
or where it's in need. In ancient the term logistics was
used by army because the use the transfer the armed and
soldiers from one place to other where ever they are
required. But presently we use logistics very widely b, cos
presently all the firm and company depend on logistics foe
moving their goods(raw matrial,finished good or finished
The main element of logistics is
4-material handling
5-transfer of information
And we can say that this all the element of logistics is
the main work of logistics:-
1. Transportation- to send the goods from one place to
other. By any means of transportation.
Air ways, Water ways, or by Land ways.
2. Warehousing- To store the goods in a particular place.
Because whenever they are needed the producer can use those
goods. And it's also important because the producers are
producing the goods in huge quantity and for storing them
the warehouse is very much needed.
3. Inventory- This is also one of the most important part
of work of logistics b'cos to maintain the proper records
and when ever any recorded is needed it can be produce
easily for the funder purpose .
4. Martial handling- for the uploading and unloading the
material handling is very much needed and thou the goods
are very important for the producer as well as for the
consumer also. For that the uploading and unloading of the
goods in proper ways the martial handling is very much
5. Transfer of Information- The transfer of information is
also the important work of logistics cos for smooth running
of any organization the information should be transfer
whenever they are required. And have to maintain all the
important information.
6. Packging- Packaging is one of the most important parts
of logistics as well for selling of the product. By
packaging the product can be protected by the climatic
condition as well as the product can be kept for long time.
And will look attractive for the purpose of sale.

10. What is logistics? list about what is work of logistics supervisor?

Logistics is the process of effectively moving the goods
from the point of origin or from any supply point to the
point of consumption. The term effectively is the key in
logistics, it denotes ‘how well it meet the demand' by
considering the factors like time, quantity, quality, cost
etc. Logistics includes various intermediate activities
like information, inventory, material handling,
transportation, warehousing and now the new era brings the
word called collaboration to frame the new terminologies
called 3PL and 4PL. 3PL is nothing but Third party
logistics, that is ‘a core logistics player executing any
logistics work outsourced by a manufacturer or others'.
Conversely, 4PL is Fourth party logistics, ‘a core
logistics player having collaboration with other players in
order to perform all the logistic works outsourced by a
manufacturer or client'. The term “any logistics work”
and “all logistics work” give the distinction between the

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