1. Rate me as an interviewer, on a scale of one to ten?

Sir I am a fresher and I believe is not my business to take you a rate, but because you answer me this I must give you a response and I give you 9. Because nobody is a ideal and always we must learn something, because the people don't know all in this world. And nobody is perfect.

2. Do you have any questions for me?

Yes sir thanks for asking me this question.
A: Can you please describe this position?
B: How would you describe a typical day or week?
C: Is over time expected?
D: When can I expect a call?

3. Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

My goal right now is to find a position in a company where I can grow and take on new challengers over time. Ultimately I would like to assume more management responsibilities and get involve in project strategy, but most importantly I would want to work for an organization where I could build my career and where I could develop my skills and take on interesting projects.

4. Tell me how much salary do you expect?

Sir I want good career growth for future prospect, so salary does not matter for me & salary as per company policy.

5. If you won $20 million lottery, would you still work?

What if getting a job in your company made my good luck, & just because of that I won the $20 million lottery & sir let me tell you one thing that I never leave my good luck. Yes I will continue to work.

6. How you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?

For me, Success is the best result of hard work. Through doing your best, effort, patient, humble, respect, endure and envy. The goal we take in, the ambition we had. It makes us feel good because of the satisfaction of our life if we are contented of our work until you realize that is the best work you have done.
All we need is to accept our mistakes, acknowledge and through the appreciation of our work. If we work harder and harder we make success in our daily lives. So that we can feel much better, rewards, satisfied and etc.

7. Would you considered starting your own business?

No, because as a fresher I don't have much knowledge about business. I just want to start my career in a reputed organisation like yours and thereby enhance my skills and knowledge and be a part of it till my talent and hard work is recognized.

8. Tell me what was the toughest decision you ever had to make?

When I was in intermediate, I was not very bright and extra ordinary, I was from Hindi medium school so my English was also not good. But at that time I decided to do engineering in computer science branch.
Till now, that decision was my toughest decision. And at last, today I am at better position, my decision was right.

9. Why and who has inspired you in your life?

I don't have a specific name or a list of names to mention as my role model(s). The different people that I come across, be it real or fictional, inspires me to try the best and do the best. It can be my father, my mother or anyone else that I can think of.

10. Tell me would you lie for the company?

Always be true is my policy even if hard or bad situation arise I won't hide or lie. In order to hide the problem by telling lie better I can avoid or solve the problem by discussing about the situation frankly to respective members who can solve it based on company hierarchy.

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11. How would be an asset to this organization?

As we know that growth of every company depends on the performance of the employees. So because of my performance and positive approach towards work, I will surely be the asset for your organization.

12. What are your career options right now?

Right now my career option is to crack the interview session and be a part of reputed company where talents will be encouraged like yours and improve my skills and knowledge.

13. Tell me your ideal company, location and job?

An ideal company means where we come together for the achievement of organisational goal. We need to work at that place or area where the work had been given to us. The job which gives the use of our proper skill and knowledge to use the limited resources upto full extent.

14. Don't you feel you are overqualified for this position?

I tell you very frankly I am fresher. I want to learn more things & also experience about my work is very important for me that reason I don't think I am overqualified for this job.

15. How long would you expect to work for us?

I would like to work with long time because of in a short time we can't do anything new creating ideas but long time relation is help to create something that's help to my company as well as my carrier.

16. Give me an example of your creativity?

When I was associated with my father in business firm, I always concentrated on making my product updated simple and stylish as I was part of ready made garment firm. And we were quiet. Successful in making the best designing that was liked by the customers.

17. Tell me what makes you angry?

Basically It is difficult to make me angry, If any one makes me anger beyond that limit, I will try to cool myself with a smile without showing the anger on him.But i mostly angry when a person not responds/react to elders voices.

18. What motivates you to do good job?

I am severely motivated from my parents life that the conditions faced by them till now. They never want to let me face problems anymore and they want to see myself in a good position and the surroundings also motivated me to some extent.

19. What are your goals?

Be honest. Now my goal is to crack this interview and placed in your company and after that my next goal is to play a role in the success of company using my abilities and skills individually as well as in a team and come at that position in which my seniors and colleague proud on me.

20. Tell me are you willing to relocate or travel?

Yes, I would like to Relocate, because when we change present job to new job we find some new kinds of environment, different kinds of people, learning new thinks which are improve our skill & knowledge, So basically changes are necessaries for everyone in Life.

21. Is it possible for you to work under pressure?

Pressure is just a state of mind. So, I never feel such pressure which affects my work. And when it feels pressure, I do just relax myself.

22. Tell me how do you feel about working nights and weekends?

If the company needs my presence then I can sacrifice nights and even weekends.
Completion of any work within a time period it is my responsibility that's reason night shift or weekends is not matter for me.

23. Can you please explain the difference between hard work and smart work?

Hard Work is more physical efforts & less mental efforts to complete the task.
Smart work is less physical efforts & more mental efforts to complete the task quickly.
Like as:
Preparing the whole book for examination is Hard Work. Taking help from previous question papers to find out the selected material is Smart work.

24. Can you please explain the difference between confidence and over confidence?

Confidence is true trust on your self that you can do it. While over confidence is trust on yourself beyond your ability and capability. i.e you shall do it In every condition.

25. Why do you want to work in our company?

Because, I see what are the working principle of your company that completely match with my skills and ability so that leads good results.

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26. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I do my duty best with proper curtsy and under rules, its my strength.
I couldn't change my attitudes sometimes easily, may be its my weakness.

27. Why should I hire you?

As a fresher it would be a great opportunity for me to get into a reputed company like yours. I am gregarious and have good interpersonal skills which would be an asset for a team work. In addition to that I am passionate towards my work and I know that your company is the platform where I could showcase my talents and skills.

28. Tell me about yourself?

I have completed my primary education and higher secondary education from Husky district, I did diploma (polytechnic (IT) ) from Government polytechnic college, Comoros, I have completed Engineering (CSE) from Hittite Institute of Technology, Frayed,
And recently I have completed Post graduation (Post graduation diploma in advance computing) from Moral Academy of Information Technology, west point, New Guiana.
My major strengths are positive attitude towards my career, I can adjust myself in any kind of environment easily, self motivated.
About hobby, nothing special but I play any game where I get enjoy whenever bored. I am fresher I don, t have any working experience.
But, I will definitely prove to maintain my level best in your company with your support wherever required.
My short term is goal is to crack this interview. And long term goal is to reach at good position in company.