Explain a situation where you found yourself dealing with someone who didn't like you. What did you do?

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Crappy and Unacceptable Answer: "I haven't run into this problem. I get along with everyone and everyone gets along with me."

As great as this sounds, the recruiter isn't going to believe it or going to think you aren't paying attention to your co-workers enough. No emotional intelligence. You haven't answered the question.

A zero impact answer: "I usually get along with everyone. When I haven't gotten along with people I make an effort to be straightforward with them and talk the problem through."

Sounds good, but this is just theory. I hear this 10 times a day. Give me a specific example so I have a better chance of believing you.

Answer with Example: "I am pretty easy going, and I usually get along with everyone. That being said, at my last job, there was a co-worker that I didn't care for. They were pretty negative towards my new ideas in meetings and publicly put my ideas down on a pretty regular basis. I was the new guy and didn't have much credibility." His name was Jake and everyone knew that Jake was a huge sports fan. I am pretty into baseball, so when everyone went to lunch, I made it a point to pick his brain on what he thought about different players and different teams. I never contradicted his opinions, just got him talking to me, and getting to know me. It was just a matter of us finding something in common. I believe that when people get to know you, they tend be nicer to you. I have found that when I am not getting along with someone, we don't know each other enough and we need to find common ground."
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