How to work with people? Do you prefer working alone or in teams?

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Crappy and Unacceptable. "I am a team player. I have always worked on teams. Played basketball in high school. I have never understood people who played golf. That is such an individual effort. I really like to be on a team."

Pretty much a trick question: given a choice, most people will pick one or the other. If the job hasn't specified a choice, and even if it has, I as the recruiter, am hoping you mention you can work in both. There may be times where I need to ask you to work individually. Even if the job says looking for a team player, you may work alone at times.

Crappy: "I work well on both. At my last job, we had to do some things as a team, and then there would be other days where I would be asked to do something on my own.

Sounds good, but I don't have much to take back to my hiring manager. No story to tell. I have heard this same answer twice this past week. It doesn't separate you from the rest of the pack.
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