How did you find out about this position?

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Crappy Answer: "I saw your ad on Craigslist,, the newspaper, or I walk past your building on the way home."

This question seems perfectly straightforward. As if the recruiter wanted to see if their ads were working, but at the end of the day, I would love to hear that you have been watching the company and waiting for an opening to come up. As happy as I am I have a candidate, this is one of the worst answers I could hear. Basically, you told me you "stumbled" into this opportunity or it fell into your lap.

This is an opportunity to show real interest in the company, use it. Explain how your friend is always talking about how much he likes the company. You asked a friend that works for the company about the position because of your research, a recent article you read, or you really like their product. You really like the industry and looked at the major players. Explain how you have an interest in the company or what they stand for.

Great Answer: Well, I have been a fan of your company and your products for a long time now. My family has used your products. I have your X, Y, and Z. I use your Z, A, and B and love them. I saw your company at a charity event and the guys that were at the event really seemed energetic and were all volunteering. I went home and did some research.

This is a great answer because it lets the interviewer know that this job opportunity didn't just fall in your lap, even if it did.
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