Questions To Ask a Forklift Executive?

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► What are your career goals?
► What do you do when priorities within warehouse operations change quickly?
► What kind of decisions do you find it most difficult to make?
► Have you ever made a suggestion regarding how to improve safety in the warehouse or improve loading/unloading procedures? What was it and was it implemented? What was the result?
► What do you do when your boss asks you to do something with which you disagree?
► How do let any subordinates know what you want them to do/
► Are you ever hoping to move into management?
► What types of situations do you find stressful? How do you handle the stress?
► Describe a situation in which you had to compromise either with your supervisor, a colleague or client.
► Why should we hire you over someone else/what do you bring to this position that others don't?
► Give me an example of when you did more than was asked/required of you?
► Why are you leaving your current job? Why did you leave your last job?
► How do you see the position of forklift operator contributing to a company's success?
► Have you ever had a difficult manager? How did you deal with it?
► What salary do you expect?
► Where do you want your career to be in five years?
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