What is your current/most recent position and company? Why did you leave? Why do you want to leave?

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Crappy answer: "I am currently a fork lift operator, developer, insurance adjuster, etc. I left because my manager wouldn't give me a raise. I had the most seniority and I hadn't had a raise in 2 years. I always showed up on time. The company didn't treat it's employees right. I saw lay off after lay off."

Any variation of the above is off limits. I don't want to hear you complain or make excuses. Under the premise of Behavioral Interviewing, examples of prior behavior are an indicator of future behavior. This isn't a good sign.

Good answer: There are a couple of directions you can take here, any version of the below is cool with me as long as you don't have any resentment in your answer.

I have been at this company for 3, 5, 15 years and am looking for a change. I like the company a lot, and I like my manager, but I have gotten to the top of my discipline there and the company / department is of the size that I am not learning any more. This is a company that specializes in "your discipline here" or is larger so there would be more opportunity to grow my skill set.

The company just had a lay off and I am still employed and am confident that they will have another lay off within 3 months, so I just want to see what other options are out there. I am talking with my manager to see if there is anything I can do to expand my skill set and make myself more valuable to the company, but even my manager is suggesting that we all look for new jobs.

I was just laid off from my company and took a break for the last few months. I figured I wouldn't have a chance to take a long break till I retire so I made it a conscious decision to spend more time with my family, remodel the kitchen, learn a new skill set, do something you always wanted to do and have a passion for.

Being unemployed doesn't sound good. Being unemployed by choice sounds much better. It gives the impression that you have options and won't take the first thing that comes along.
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