1. Who is Social Worker?

Helps patients and their families cope with the practical and emotional concerns that accompany diagnosis and treatment; can help you find resources in the hospital and at home.

2. Who is CSR (Customer Service Representative)?

The person in the PICU waiting area who assists families and visitors. To reach the customer service representative

3. What is G-tube (Gastric Tube)?

A tube placed surgically through the abdominal wall into your child's stomach; used to administer food and / or medications. May be temporary or permanent depending on the needs of your child.

4. Who is Child Life Specialist?

Focuses on the emotional and developmental needs of children; helps reduce the stress and fear of hospitalization through play, education and distraction. To request support from a child life specialist, talk to your nurse.

5. Who is Fellow?

A physician who has finished residency; fellows train and practice under the supervision of an attending.

6. What is Nasal Cannula?

A soft plastic tube that fits into the nose and around the face; used to deliver oxygen.

7. What is PCA (Patient Care Assistant)?

A nurse's assistant in the PICU.

8. General Baby Doctor Job Interview Questions:

☛ Tell me about a time you had to face an uncooperative child. How did you handle it?
☛ Recall a time you had a disagreement with a parent. What did you do?
☛ Describe a time you had to determine the symptoms of a child who was only crying without complaining
☛ Give me an example of a time you felt fulfilment for your job

9. Basic Baby Doctor Job Interview Questions:

☛ If a child complained about a continuous pain on their leg for the past two weeks, what would you suspect?
☛ Imagine that a parent calls and tells you their child has high fever and a rush. How do you respond?
☛ If two children come into the emergency room at the same time and one is crying while the other is silent, which one do you attend to first?
☛ What would you tell a parent who isn't sure that they should vaccinate their baby?

10. Common Baby Doctor Job Interview Questions:

☛ When was the last pediatrics conference you attended? What did you get out of it?
☛ Is there a particular pediatrics subject you're interested in?
☛ Do you have experience in mass screening?
☛ Can you explain the meaning of triage?
☛ What's the process of examining a newborn?
☛ How do you decide when to prescribe an antibiotic? How do you decide which one?
☛ What's your experience with online prescription systems?
☛ How many children have you attended to from birth to adulthood?

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