1. Tell us what is the impact of the Francis report* on pharmacy?

This demonstrates that the candidate has read relevant papers to pharmacy and has made some efforts to understand the wider healthcare environment

2. Tell us how do you respond to deadlines?

Some customers are on major medications that they must take daily. If these individuals run out, they will need their drug refills that day.

Discuss past experiences where you have had deadlines. Was there more than one at the same time? If so, how did you prioritize your time? Think about how you would make sure the customers who were most in need would benefit, while not compromising others you are serving.

3. Explain me how long do you see yourself working as a chemist?

Employers want committed employees. It takes time and money to hire and train the right person, and most companies don't want to hire employees who only plan to stick around for one or two years. You could say, “I plan to work in this field for many years to come and hopefully advance within the company. I can stay for as long as I'm able to continue to grow in my field.”

4. Explain me how do you keep yourself up-to-date with your practice?

I am a member of the American Association of Pharmacists and participate regularly in several workshops and trainings held by them. I also study a range of research journals which record new pharmaceutical studies and their efficacy.

5. Tell us do you work well with a team?

Depending on the assignment, you may have to work with others. Therefore, the interviewer may inquire about any experience working with a group. As a team player, you must be able to listen, follow directions, and sometimes compromise. Being a team player is a plus, but you should also highlight the ability to work independently when necessary. Give examples of situations when you had to collaborate with a team, and when you had to shine as an individual.

6. Can you tell me how would you deal with a difficult customer?

This is a very important question, and your interviewer will definitely want to know how you tackle a stressful situation. One who has direct contact with customers represents the company, hence you need to emphasize that you will be able to deal with a difficult patient.
I usually stay calm and polite, even in a tough situation; I am composed and unruffled while solving a problem.

7. Tell us how will your references describe you?

Although you want to sell yourself during an interview, you also need to be honest. In all likelihood, the interviewer will contact your references. And if you describe yourself as an amazing worker, but your references say otherwise, the interviewer might question your honesty. Mention positive qualities that accurately describe you; and if you had problems with a previous employer, give the interviewer a heads up. You don't have to provide the nitty-gritty details or bash a former employer, but let him know you didn't leave your last job on the best terms.

8. Explain me are you good at time management?

It is always helpful to bring up past examples. Think about times in previous jobs (or your personnel life) when you had to do a number of things within a certain time frame. How did you make it work?

Prioritizing tasks is a good first step, but you need to provide more detail in order to really sell your ability in an interview. If you have not done this sort of work before, consider times when you have dealt with pharmacy assistants. Think about their duties and the things that can happen during a workday. What would you do in order to provide the necessary service to clients in a reasonable time frame?

9. Tell us what duties a pharmacy technician is required to carry out?

A Pharmacy technician needs to be an expert at what he's doing, given that, there is absolutely no room for mistakes when preparing medicines according to doctor's orders. Duties comprise of: filling prescriptions, making medications as per the pharmacist's orders, maintaining records of each prescription given out, collecting payment, assessing the insurance status before each prescription is handed out and maintaining sanitized and hygienic storage conditions.

10. Tell us what part of your job do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy my job enormously since I have always wanted to be a part of the healthcare industry and have been interested in the wonders these medicines can do. My favourite part is interacting with the clients, preparing the medications for them and describing to them how to take the medicines

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