1. Influenza virus hemagglutinins play a significant role in which of the following phases of viral replication?

* A. Uncoating
* B. Virion Assembly
* C. Release by budding
* D. Adsorption
* E. Production of mRNA

Correct Answer: D

3. All of the following are true statements regarding viruses EXCEPT?

* A. They contain both RNA and DNA
* B. The nucleic acid may be single or double stranded
* C. They are obligate intracellular parasites
* D. They reproduce using host cell energy
* E. The infectious particle is called a virion

Correct Answer: A

5. All of the following are syndromes associated with enteroviruses EXCEPT?

* A. Conjuctivitis
* B. Coronary artery disease
* C. Myocarditis
* D. Pericarditis
* E. Pleuritis

Correct Answer: B

6. The following statements are clearly true about enteroviruses EXCEPT?

* A. There are many serotypes
* B. They can cause a variety of diseases which imitate bacterial infection
* C. They are an important cause of meningitis
* D. They are an important cause of diarrhea

Correct Answer: D

7. Enteroviruses are most closely related to which of the following viruses?

* A. Herpes simplex
* B. Hepatitis C
* C. Hepatitis A
* D. Rotavirus
* E. Rubella

Correct Answer: C

8. Foscarnet interacts with which of the following viral enzymes?

* A. Pyrophosphate-binding site of the polymerase
* B. Protease
* C. Nucleoside reductase
* D. Reverse transcriptase

Correct Answer: A

9. HIV reverse transcriptase, a critical target in modern antiretroviral chemotherapy, performs which critical function for the virus?

* A. Cleaves polyprotein precursor leading to functional assembly of viral core
* B. Cleaves sialic acid residue from glycoprotein permitting attachment and entry into cell
* C. Transcribes RNA into DNA
* D. Activates 2', 5' oligoadenylate synthetase

Correct Answer: C

10. Which of the following best characterizes antiviral chemotherapy in comparison to bacterial chemotherapy?

* A. Few drug targets, toxicity problematic
* B. Sensitivity tests of limited value
* C. Toxicity a minor problem, multiple enzymatic targets
* D. Many more drug options are available to treat viral infections

Correct Answer: A

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