1. What are the reversible causes of pulseless electrical activity?

6 H's and 6 T's...

hydrogens (acidosis)

thrombosis (MI)
thrombosis (PE)
tension PTX

2. Normal JVD is 6-8 cm, what 5 conditions are associated with increased JVD?

Congestive cardiac failure
due to
Ischemic heart disease
Cor pulmonale
Valvular heart disease like mitral stenosis
Congenital heart disease like VSD
Pericarditis and pericardial effusion

3. How often will the EKG be abnormal in patients having an MI?

85% of PATIENTS having MI show evidence on EKG.

4. What are the electocardiogram findings of a Mobitz type II second degree AV block?

Non Progressive Prolonged PR interval with absent QRS
complex depends on after no of regular P wave.

5. What is the effect of inspiration on the return of venous blood to the heart?

due to negative intrathoracic pressure and antigravity direction valvesprevent backward flow of blood

10. What is peripheral resistance?

It is the resistance ofeered to the flowing of blood by the
vesselspresent in the Periphery ie the arteriole whose
diameter varies between 100 to 4oo micromillimeter & also by
the smooth muscle of the precapillary sphincter.

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